quoteThere is no such thing as desperate situation or hopeless client

Sergey Estrin is the engineer of architectural mentality modern image, brought about and established during political, cultural and social system alteration. His projects in urban as well as in private interior design format are always exceptional and full of meaning, sometimes ironical, but always profound.

The fundamental principle unexceptionally presented in every project can be read as follows: air and shape, saturated with emotions; light and colour combined with refined style and comfort..

Brief biography
  • Born in Moscow 21st January 1962
  • In 1985 graduated from Moscow Architectural University
  • 1987-1991 – A.D. Meerson architectural studio
  • 1991-1998 – Head of Design Studio in international consulting and construction companies
  • 1998 -2002 – Head of design group in Capital Group of companies
  • In 2002 founded private architectural studio

Being an architect during more then quarter of a century made Sergey not only an outstanding figure in architectural business, but in real estate market as a whole. Sergey always personally takes part in each project of his company and is the creator of most of ideas.

Sergey has completed over one hundred designs and implemented projects. Practically every day Sergey begin with a lead pencil hand drawing.
Enchanted by emotionality engaged with architectural sharpness, by incomprehensible mysteriousness of Piranesi and Noakowski, Sergey has been creating his own architectural drawings collection year by year.

Amongst his amazing works there are sketches, many of which have already been implemented in completed properties; drawings inspired by impression of ancient streets and towns; phantasies, casted by trips and books; abstract futuristic drawings.

Drawing Gallery www.sergey.estrin.ru

Personal Blog http://estrin-gallery.livejournal.com/